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      1. Welcome to Zhejiang ProvinceRuian Jingda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.!


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        Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, development, efficiency, dedication.

        Business objectives: continuous innovation and continuous development, making Jingda the most professional enterprise.

        Business purposes: to create the most exquisite prints for customers.

        Corporate values: technology-based, building quality beliefs.

        Business philosophy: attach importance to talents, rely on science and technology, seize opportunities, and forge ahead.

        Management policy: Be strong, be professional, and do well.

        Corporate style: down-to-earth, lean operation.

        Employee belief: master high technology and be the industry leader.

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        • Add: No. 2, Waijia Avenue, Nanbin Street, Ruian City
        • Tel:13958808300 086-577-65337601 65320208
        • Fax: 086-577-65337602
        • mailbox: zhong@cnjdyj.cn zhou@cnjdyj.cn
        • QQ:903555072 1073604853
        • Web:www.crimsson.com www.chinajingda.com

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